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Nu Forms Session @ TBA Clublife promo Presents:

13 Февраля 2010г. (Суббота)

Вечеринка Nu Forms Session

Мы представляем вам всемирно известную вечеринку Nu Forms Session от эстонских продюссеров Mutated Forms. Место проведения огласим позже, в 10 минутах от центра Москвы.

MUTATED FORMS(Grid Recordings / EST)

Making music began as a hobby for the trio of producers / djs known as Mutated Forms hailing from Estonia. Original members Alexander (Zub) and Artiom (G-ruff) (3rd member Alex H – joined the crew in 2004) started experimenting with different genres of electronic music using any and all software they could find. It was at the beginning of 2004 when MF's tunes first began appearing on various drum and bass CD-compilations. During the course of 2004 they released an album on Prosvet Records, a Russian label, called ‘MF Project – No Limits'. The album was mostly jump up tunes but also consisted of liquid funk and a few experimental tracks and was well received by the drum and bass audience and critics, gaining the MF team further recognition. Then in 2005 they released again on an experimental label called Exegene Records. In recognition of their up-coming talent, UK drum and bass pioneer and label boss of the mighty Formation Records, Dj SS began keeping a close eye on their music and progress.

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